Discussion: "Environmental Solidarity: Towards a new Catholic approach to Ecology"

Past Event

18 October 2010, 5:30pm

Blackfriars Hall
St Giles, Oxford

A special lecture by Dr Pablo Martinez de Anguita D'Huart, Professor of Rural Development at Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid, to be followed by a Roundtable Discussion with Roger Hammond (Living Earth Foundation) Mary Taylor, Edward Echlin, Deborah Jones, Stratford Caldecott and others.

Our relationship to the natural environment is one of the great issues of our age. It is also one of the most controversial, and not just because of competing political and economic interests. What is "nature?" How should human beings relate to each other and to the natural world? The answers we give are bound to shape both our science and our politics

This event is co-sponsored by Blackfriars in conjunction with the Second Spring Association, Vita Nuova, and Pax in Terra