'Five Times Faster: Rethinking the Science, Economics, and Diplomacy of Climate Change' Book talk with Simon Sharpe

Past Event

18 May 2023, 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Online - Zoom

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Simon Sharpe presents his new book 'Five Times Faster: Rethinking the Science, Economics, and Diplomacy of Climate Change', in conversation with Professor Eric Beinhocker, Dr Nicola Ranger, and Professor Cameron Hepburn.

Five Times Faster is the inside story from Simon Sharpe, who has spent a decade at the forefront of climate policy and diplomacy. Limiting warming to 1.5°C means decarbonising the global economy five times faster this decade than we managed over the last two decades.

Yet, in our fight to avoid climate breakdown, science is pulling its punches, diplomacy is picking the wrong battles, and economics has been fighting for the other side. This provocative and engaging book sets out how we should rethink our strategies and reorganise our efforts in the fields of science, economics, and diplomacy, so that we can act fast enough to stay safe.

Simon will present his new book, followed by a panel discussion and Q&A.

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Simon Sharpe
Director of Economics, Climate Champions Team

Simon Sharpe is Director of Economics for the Climate Champions Team and a Senior Fellow at the World Resources Institute.

He designed and led flagship international campaigns of the UK's Presidency of the UN climate change talks (COP 26) in 2020–2021; worked as the head of private office to a minister of energy and climate change in the UK Government; and has served on diplomatic postings in China and India. He has published influential academic papers and created groundbreaking international initiatives in climate change risk assessment, economics, policy, and diplomacy.