Greenhouse Gas And Dietary Choices Open Source Toolkit (GGDOT) Hack Oxford

Past Event

23 May 2019, 3:00pm - 6:00pm

Seminar Room 1, Oxford Martin School
34 Broad Street, (Corner of Catte and Holywell Street), Oxford, OX1 3BD

This event is organised by the Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food.

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We are running a series of hacks to develop tools for estimating the contribution of food to greenhouse gas emissions, as part of the Greenhouse Gas and Dietary choices Open source Toolkit (GGDOT) project funded by N8 Agrifood . We have made a database and some python tools for you to play with which shows a breakdown of emissions and nutrition for a set of foods you specify e.g. what you ate yesterday, or your favourite recipe, or the average UK diet. We are also interested in your input in developing outreach activities on this topic, including games for the upcoming stand Take a Bite out of Climate Change at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2019.

Data hackers: you could play with different foods to try to find a nutritious and tasty low carbon diet, work on improving the visualisation of this complex dataset, think of neat optimisation tools, work with nutrition and emissions experts to improve the content, and/or participate in the hacknight competition to win £100 of amazon vouchers.

Nutrition, emissions and psychology experts: we welcome your input to improve the content of the toolkit including using other dietary databases (than the NDNS), improving the matching with GHG/LCA databases, and we hope you have fun working with the data hackers to improve e.g. the visualisations, and to participate in the hacknight competition to win £100 of amazon vouchers.