"Million Asian adolescents study" - Workshop

Past Event

31 July 2012, 1:00pm - 3:30pm

Richard Doll Building
Department of Public Health, Old Road Campus, Roosevelt Dr, Headington, Oxford, OX3 7LF

This workshop is hosted by the George Centre for Healthcare Innovation, an Oxford Martin School Institute

Summary: The topic of discussion is the proposed Million Asian Adolescents Study, which is being led by The George Centre for Healthcare Innovation at Oxford, The George Institute, India in Hyderabad and the Centre for Chronic Disease Control in New Delhi. The initial phase of this study – the vanguard phase - aims to establish a cohort of 12,000 adolescents in two urban and rural regions in India, and has an ultimate goal of providing information that will lead directly to improvements in the health of adolescents worldwide.

Workshop led by:

  • Professor Robyn Norton, Co-Director, George Centre for Healthcare Innovation, Oxford Martin School
  • Dr Pallab Maulik, Senior Research Associate, George Centre for Healthcare Innovation, Oxford Martin School

Venue: Main Meeting Room, Level 1, Richard Doll Building, Old Road Campus, Oxford

Please contact Premjith Cheruvath for further details and to reserve your seat.