Nature-based Solutions Conference 2022

Past Event

05 July 2022, 9:00am 07 July 2022 - 6:00pm

Oxford University Museum of Natural History & Online

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The Nature-based Solutions Conference will bring together researchers with practitioners and policymakers from across government and industry to discuss the values, governance, metrics and financing of nature-based solutions to address climate change, biodiversity loss and major socio- economic challenges, locally, regionally and globally.

A cross-cutting theme will be the need to consider the multiplicity of stakeholders that are involved and/or affected by nature-based solutions, including their diverse values, interests and rights. The NbS Conference 2022 aims to establish a shared understanding across multiple communities as to what constitutes a “legitimate” nature-based solution and how best to overcome barriers to their implementation.

This event is organised by the Nature-based Solutions Initiative


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