Oxford London Lecture 2014: Keeping our secrets? by Dr Ian Brown

Past Event

18 March 2014, 7:45pm - 9:00pm


Dr Ian Brown, Oxford Martin Fellow, The Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre; Associate Director, Cyber Security Centre, University of Oxford and Senior Research Fellow, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford will give the University of Oxford's 2014 Oxford London Lecture on Keeping our secrets? Shaping internet technologies for the public good.

Summary: The Internet and related technologies, like smartphones and social networking services, are now a pervasive part of British life. Connected cars, smart cities, and ambient loos are coming soon.

How far can societies shape the development of such computing and communications technologies, so that they serve the public good as well as private interests? How can technologists translate values such as privacy into hardware designs, software code, and system architectures? Should - and can - governments intervene effectively to ensure this happens? And who decides what those values should be?

Venue: The Assembly Hall, Church House, Westminster, London, SW1P 3NZ

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About the Speaker

Dr Ian Brown is Associate Director of Oxford University's Cyber Security Centre and Senior Research Fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute. His work is focused on technology and public policy related to Internet privacy and security. Dr Brown spent December 2012-February 2013 working as a consultant for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime on their forthcoming study of global cybercrime. For the OECD, he co-authored with Peter Sommer the 2010 report Reducing Systemic Cybersecurity Risk. His most recent books are Regulating Code: Good Governance and Better Regulation in the in the Information Age (with Christopher T. Marsden) and Research Handbook on Governance of the Internet.