Seminar: Johanna Eklund, "Good governance and protected area effectiveness"

Past Event

10 February 2012, 5:15pm

Herbertson Room, OUCE
Herbertson Room, OUCE, South Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3QY

This seminar is hosted by The Oxford Centre for Tropical Forests

Speaker: Johanna Eklund, Metapopulation Research Group, University of Helsinki

Summary: Recent studies report that protected areas are suffering from mismanagement. Deforestation and population declines inside protected areas are reported, despite the legal status of these areas. In her talk, Johanna addresses the question of whether protected area effectiveness is dependent on good governance. She draws parallels to the debate about development aid and claims that this important factor for conservation success has been overlooked. She shows how the consideration of governance affects the selection of global conservation priorities for the world’s mammals. Spatial patterns of governance (Worldwide Governance Indicators project) and economic development (the World Bank) have been used to identify regions of special concern. It is now planned to go beyond national governance indicators and explore governance heterogeneity within nations and its impacts on conservation effectiveness, using Madagascar as a case study.

Biography: Johanna Eklund is doing her PhD in the Metapopulation Research Group at the University of Helsinki. Her main interests are protected area effectiveness and the links between governance and conservation.

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