Seminar: Prof Jane Langdale, "Food, health and the future"

Past Event

18 September 2011, 12:30pm - 1:45pm

Said Business School
Park End Street, Oxford OX1 1HP

This event is part of the University of Oxford Alumni Weekend 2011.

Speakers: Professor Jane Langdale, Co-Director, Plants for the 21st Century Institute, (member of Oxford Martin School); Professor of Plant Development, University of Oxford. Dr Mike Rayner, Director, British Heart Foundation Health Promotion Research Group, Department of Public Health, University of Oxford. Professor Klim McPherson, Visiting Professor of Epidemiology, Nuffield Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Oxford.

Summary: If we are what we eat, then what difference does cutting meat to three meals a week actually make? Or increasing our daily consumption of fruit and vegetables from the government’s goal of five a day to eight? In the western world, there are also issues of obesity. In particular, just why are so many UK men predicted to become obese by 2020? At a global level, we consider issues of food security and why high yield crops in Asia might hold the key to feeding the world’s growing population. If you care about your food, join our panel of experts to find out what the future holds.