Special Ethics Seminar: Tony Hope, "Treatment refusal and capacity in mental disorder: the experiences of people with anorexia nervosa"

Past Event

27 November 2007, 7:30pm

St Cross College
61 St Giles, Oxford OX1 3LZ

Tony Hope is Professor of Medical Ethics, University of Oxford, and an Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist. He is responsible for teaching the course in ethics and law for clinical medical students.

In 1990 he became Leader of the Oxford Practice Skills Project. This involved developing education in ethics, communication skills and the law for clinical medical students. He took up the newly created post of University Lecturer in Practice Skills in 1996. This work has led to a considerable amount of postgraduate education and to close links with developing such education in the former Eastern Europe in collaboration with the Council of Europe. In 1997 he founded, together with a number of colleagues, The Oxford Centre of Ethics and Communication Skills in Health Care Practice (Ethox). He is co-author of the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine; and of Manage your Mind, both published by Oxford University Press. He is also co-editor of Essential Practice in Patient Care published by Blackwell Science 1995 and wrote Evidence Based Patient Choice (published by the King's Fund, October 1996).