Special Film Preview: "The Meaning of the 21st Century" by James Martin

Past Event

13 March 2008, 1:00am

Phoenix Picturehouse
Phoenix Picturehouse, Jericho, Oxford

A documentary film about the most vitally important subject of our time

Director: Sean O’Sullivan Year: 2007 Duration: 100m
Produced by: James Martin Narrated by: Michael Douglas

There are massive problems in the decades ahead. The public is aware of some of the effects of global warming and climate change, but there are many other megaproblems, some more dangerous or debilitating. The good news is that there are solutions.

Innovative thinking, cooperation around the world and exciting technologies are providing answers. But only education and political will can determine if the future will be one of unimaginable opportunity or will bring humankind’s darkest hour. If we are able to make the planet work, as shown in this film, we face a magnificent future. If we fail, we could be headed for a new Dark Age.

James Martin leads us to understand the options of the 21st century and make the decisions we need to survive. He rallies today's young people to be given the confidence to transform their lifestyles, help the environment and create extraordinary futures. For they, collectively, will be responsible for the greatest transition in human history.

Shot in all six continents with outstanding scenes of natural beauty, the film includes commentaries from top thinkers and influential experts from around the world.

Please note: James Martin is also giving a public lecture on 12 March, 5pm. Further details.