"The challenges of green economy in the state of Pará, Brazil" by Dr Peter Toledo

Past Event

08 May 2012, 5:00pm - 6:30pm

Herbertson Room, OUCE
Herbertson Room, OUCE, South Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3QY

This seminar is hosted by the Oxford Centre for Tropical Forests

Summary: In the past three decades the environmental agenda has percolated in several aspects of Western societies, establishing as a priority issue in businesses and social decisions worldwide regarding economical developmental and poverty alleviation. In this same period the Brazilian environmental agenda has also influenced several aspects of policies, especially in regards to conservation laws and norms. As a changing point, the Rio Summit rearranged research agendas trying to approximate the dialogue of science and technology with social-economic demands. Such awareness had an important impact in Amazonian development issues, bringing into the spotlight antagonistic views of external development issues with interest in oil, energy and transportation versus dispersed regional and local demands, characterized by a non-organized fashion, but with strong financial support from international agencies. The developmental/conservationism debate has ever since escalated in the Amazon Region which has been geopolitically reshaped under a framework of conservation units, official demarked indigenous territories against a continuum of deforestation action of public lands pushed forward by an economic driven agroforestry agenda.

This talk brings an analysis of a hands-on experience of a package of environmental and agroforesty public policies of the State of Pará, in Brazilian Amazonia, where scales and different levels of complexities were taken into account, and how theoretically a program under a well-coordinated framework may help with economic growth under an Green economy agenda.

Speaker: Dr Peter Toledo, National Institute of Space Research, Brazil

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