'The evolving boundary of green technologies' with Nicolò Barbieri, Dr Kerstin Hötte & Dr Peter Persoon

Past Event

09 March 2023, 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Online & Manor Road Building
Manor Road, Oxford, OX1 3UQ

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The speakers' paper investigates the effects of patent reclassification on the impact exerted by green inventive activities.

Exploiting an original database that collects patent information from different releases of the PATSTAT database and a quasi-experiment design, the paper aims at explaining whether reclassified green patents (i.e., patents that are considered as environmentally friendly in new editions) receive more citations from subsequent patents than non-reclassified ones.

This event is organised by the Institute for New Economic Thinking at the Oxford Martin School.


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Nicolo Barbieri

Nicolò Barbieri
Research Fellow, Department of Economics and Management, University of Ferrara

Nicolò is also part of the Sustainability, Environmental Economics and Dynamics Studies (SEEDS) Interdepartmental research centre.

Kerstin_Hotte 2022

Kerstin Hötte
Academic Visitor, INET

Kerstin is a postdoctoral researcher in the Finance and Economics Programme at The Alan Turing Institute, London.