"The Flexible City" - International Symposium

Past Event

24 October 2013, 10:00am 25 October 2013 - 6:00pm

St Anne's College
Woodstock Road, Oxford, OX2 6HS

This International Symposium is organised by the Oxford Programme for the Future of Cities, an Oxford Martin School Programme

Summary: Cities over the world face complex and rapidly evolving challenges. Ranging from climate, to poverty, economic downturns and demographic shifts, cities now need to confront an unprecedented array of issues. Addressing them requires ingenuity and versatility, whether in policymaking, investment decisions or everyday livelihoods. At the Oxford Programme for the Future of Cities, we seek to re-think the city, in theory and practice to confront these challenges.

Responding to these pressing demands, the two-day international symposium on ‘the Flexible City’ aims at investigating the future of urbanization and of urban theory towards rethinking the city as a dynamic space that better responds to evolving circumstances and contemporary global challenges. the event provides scholars, policymakers, investors, and the public at large with an opportunity to discuss the challenges for research of contemporary and future urbanization. Gathering 35 urban innovators across academia, policy and business, the symposium is organized around the four main research streams of the Oxford Programme for the Future of Cities: City-to-City Learning, Emergent Governance, Infrastructure and Technology, and Everyday Urban Life. Along with these research themes, the event will also include a session on Financing the Future of Cities, a policy-academia dialogue roundtable on the Future of Urban Research.

Keynote Speakers:

  • Professor Neil Brenner, Professor of Urban Theory, Harvard Graduate School of Design
  • Professor Matthew Gandy, Department of Geography, University College London

Attendance to the conference is free, but registration is required. Registration to open soon.

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