'“This changes everything?”: the new economics of innovation and transition in a time of converging crises' with Prof Michael Grubb

Past Event

07 April 2022, 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Online & Manor Road Building
Manor Road, Oxford, OX1 3UQ

INET Oxford
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Presenting just a few days after publication of the IPCC Sixth Assessment, Mitigation report, Michael Grubb will summarise research on the economics of innovation and transition and its implications for energy and climate policy.

Whilst touching upon themes from the IPCC Mitigation Assessment, the talk will highlight features of such economic thinking in the context of the converging crises of international energy supplies, global COVID-related debt and recovery, and the growing climate crisis. Ultimately, the talk will aim to inform the modern energy policy implications of the old saying: never waste a crisis.


This event will be taking place in person at the Manor Road Building, or you can join online.

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Michael Grubb

Professor Michael Grubb
Professor of Energy and Climate Change, UCL

Michael Grubb is Professor of Energy and Climate Change at University College London (Institute of Sustainable Resources & Energy Institute), and Research Director for ISR. From 2011-2016, alongside academic roles, I worked half-time at the UK Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (the energy regulator, Ofgem) as Senior Advisor, initially on Sustainable Energy Policy, and subsequently Improving Regulation; from Autumn 2016 I moved to Chair the UK government’s Panel of Technical Experts on Electricity Market Reform. In 2018 I was appointed as Convening Lead Author for Chapter 1 of the IPCC Sixth Assessment (Mitigation Report).

In 2018 Michael was appointed as Convening Lead Author for Chapter 1 of the IPCC Sixth Assessment (Mitigation Report), and as Leader for the Sustainability hub of the UK Research Council's programme on Rebuilding Macroeconomics.
I have combined research and applied roles for many years, bringing research insights into policymaking, and bringing practical experience to bear upon academic studies. Before joining UCL I was part-time Senior Research Associate in Economics at Cambridge University, combined with (prior to joining Ofgem) Chief Economist at the Carbon Trust, and Chair of the international research network/interface organisation Climate Strategies.
These conjoined appointments followed 10 years at Chatham House where I led the Energy and Environment programme. I founded the Climate Policy journal and remained Editor-in-Chief until 2016. From 2008-11 I served on the UK Climate Change Committee, established under the UK Climate Change Act to advise the government on future carbon budgets and to report to Parliament on their implementation.

Author of eight books, sixty journal research articles, and numerous other publications. The book Planetary Economics: energy, climate change and the Three Domains of Sustainable Development (Routledge 2014), brought together insights from 25 years of research and implementation of energy and climate policies.

Beyond energy and climate change, he is on the Scientific Advisory Boards of the German Inst for Economic Research (DIW Berlin).