POSTPONED ‘Typhoid in Oxford’ with Dr Claas Kirchhelle & Dr Samantha Vanderslott

Past Event

12 March 2020, 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Basement Gallery, History of Science Museum
Broad St, Oxford OX1 3AZ

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Please note this event has been postponed until further notice.

A talk about the extraordinary efforts to eliminate typhoid fever from a rapidly-expanding Victorian city.

How was the disease understood and mapped? What steps were taken to overcome disputes between 'town and gown'? Who footed the bill? We delve deep into the murky underworld of cesspits and sewers beanth Oxford's dreaming spires.

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Kirchhelle Claas Preferred

Dr Claas Kirchhelle
Oxford Martin Fellow

Claas is an Oxford Martin Fellow for the Oxford Martin School Programme on Collective Responsibility for Infectious Disease and Lecturer of the History of Medicine at University College Dublin. His research explores the past and present of antibiotics, vaccines, bacteriophages, and infectious disease control.

Vanderslott Samantha

Dr Samantha Vanderslott
Oxford Martin Fellow

Samantha is a Social Sciences Researcher at the Oxford Vaccine Group and the Oxford Martin School, working within the Programme on Collective Responsibility for Infectious Disease. She is currently researching parental attitudes and decisions on vaccination, particularly in relation to pro-vaccination behaviours and vaccine acceptance through the concept of ‘herd immunity’ and following of vaccine schedules.