"What post-positivism, critical realism and structuration can offer to migration studies", workshop

Past Event

12 April 2012, 10:00am 13 April 2012 - 7:00pm


This closed workshop is being hosted by the International Migration Institute, an Oxford Martin Institute and is being held at the University of Pisa.

This is the second workshop in the IMI series of Social Theory and Migration workshops.

The series was born out of our dissatisfaction with separation between migration studies, as an avenue for intellectual exploration, and broader currents of social theory.

Among the first workshop participants there was considerable enthusiasm for developing post-positivist approaches which could be applied to migration research. It was, however, recognised that there are many hurdles yet to tackle, particularly relating to the approach’s theoretical and methodological robustness.

The main aim of this second workshop is to explore in-depth the notions of emergence and social becoming; social systems and migration systems; agency; and, causality and causal mechanisms (for full justification of the themes please refer to the first workshop report).

A report of the second workshop will be published online in May 2012.

Please note this is a closed workshop for invited guests only