Report on global trends launches major new research partnership between Citi and Oxford Martin School

03 October 2014

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A new report by Citi and the Oxford Martin School outlines the main global opportunities and risks facing investors, companies, and governments today.

Future Opportunities, Future Shocks: Key Trends Shaping the Global Economy and Society is the first Global Perspectives & Solutions (Citi GPS) paper published in a new partnership between Citi and the Oxford Martin School. The two organisations will co-produce up to 15 reports authored by Oxford Martin School academics in the next five years, covering societal, economic, and technological challenges.

The first report - authored by Professor Ian Goldin, Director of the Oxford Martin School, with contributions from Citi researchers and analysts - examines the drivers of globalisation and the global trends that will shape the future. With the Ebola pandemic and cross-border terrorist networks currently dominating the headlines, the report is timely in its analysis of global risks and its proposal of responses that will help ensure that the significant opportunities of globalisation can be maximized.

Citi, the leading global bank, does business in more than 160 countries and Citi GPS is designed to deliver insights and viewpoints on compelling issues and structural trends in the global economy.

"The questions to be addressed by the series are of great significance for investors, corporates and governments alike. We are partnering with the Oxford Martin School to enhance our research capability and to strengthen our analytical framework. I have been hugely impressed with the research framework of the School which balances analysis of risk and reward in addressing the key questions that concern our future."
Andrew Pitt, Citi’s Global Head of Research

"The School is partnering with Citi because the School “not only works to understand the big questions facing society, but also to ensure that the results of this research reach far beyond academia. In this first Citi GPS I bring together research from across the School to highlight the impact of globalisation and identify the trends that will shape future opportunities and risks.

"This new partnership with Citi is an exciting opportunity to ensure that our cutting edge research on vital issues reaches the influential worldwide audience of Citi’s GPS series.”
Professor Ian Goldin

The report covers five key aspects of globalisation and their impact on developed, emerging and frontier economies: demography, technology, economics, systemic risk and governance.

The report can be read and downloaded from