Environmental Opportunities for the Jordan River Basin

02 December 2010

On 30 November, the Oxford Martin School hosted a reception for a unique gathering of scientists, students and environmental managers from the Jordan Valley and Dead Sea Basin. Several Directors from the School’s Institutes also participated in the event to share their insights and expertise on environmental challenges in the region. The reception was part of a closed workshop to discuss collaborative projects that will benefit the environment and peoples of the region, and to create momentum for multilateral management of these issues.

The Jordan River and Dead Sea Valley is a unique ecosystem in a region that is rich in water resources, holds great cultural, religious and touristic value, and fosters important economic activities for its diverse populations. Nonetheless, decades of unilateral action by the region’s riparians have left a legacy of environmental degradation throughout the watershed. Although bilateral agreements for management of the region’s resources, no multilateral system have yet been made for an ecosystem-wide and sustainable management solution.

Director of the Oxford Martin School, Dr Ian Goldin, gave a presentation to the workshop participants, and commented afterwards, “It was tremendous that the Oxford Martin School was able to support this unique initiative, and we hope we will soon see concrete results arising from cross-sector collaboration in the region.”