Oxford Martin School returns to city centre home

05 December 2013

© David Fisher

The Oxford Martin School has returned to Broad Street following nine months of refurbishment works.

The transformation of the Grade II listed building has seen access and circulation improved and new seminar, meeting and work spaces created. The School's lecture theatre flexibly seats approximately 130 people, and new audio-visual equipment means events can be broadcast live online, via the School's YouTube channel.

Since its foundation in 2005, the School has seen tremendous growth. The improvements to the Old Indian Institute mean the building will meet the needs of many of the groups supported by the School to have dedicated space. Their co-location will greatly facilitate their ability to undertake innovative interdisciplinary research as well as spark additional interactions. The School supports research across the University’s four academic Divisions and its grants are anchored in a wide range of departments.

Professor Ian Goldin told the Oxford Times: “This is a fantastic building and it creates for the first time in our short life a real hub, what I think of as a hive where people can come together. All the fellows will have free access to the building and it will create a hive where people can swap ideas.

“We couldn’t wish for a more central space in Oxford, for a better location. We are at the heart of the university.”