Professor Steve Rayner gives Sense About Science lecture

27 November 2014

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The ninth annual Sense About Science lecture was given by Professor Steve Rayner, Director of the Institute for Science, Innovation and Society, at the British Library earlier this month.

In the lecture, entitled 'Science, Technology and Democracy: Dissecting the Anatomies of Controversy' Professor Rayner explored a variety of issues surrounding the real life impact of scientific research, including efforts to improve the contribution of science and evidence to policy making, protecting scientific thinking from policy demands, and approaching policymaking without technological elitism.

He particularly focused on the topic of climate change to illustrate his arguments, stating outright that "there is no way we can avoid that two degree temperature rise", and suggesting that the current response in the UK has lessened the ability of science to self-correct.

  • The lecture and a subsequent interview with Professor Steve Rayner are available to watch online