Susan Lea elected to European Molecular Biology Organisation

20 May 2015


Professor Susan Lea, Co-Director of the Oxford Martin Programme on Vaccines, and Oxford University Statutory Chair of Microbiology, is one of 58 scientists newly elected to the European Molecular Biology Organisation (EMBO), an organisation of more than 1700 world leading researchers, promoting excellence in the life sciences.

Professor Lea's work uses X-ray crystallography to identify the structures of disease-causing pathogens and the host organisms they invade, to understand the characteristics of different disease processes. This process is crucial to interpreting the nature and extent of disease caused, and helps shape new approaches to vaccination.

EMBO is focused on supporting scientists through advancing research, promoting international reputations and influencing science policy. Director Maria Leptin said: "EMBO Members influence the future direction of science and help to strengthen research communities by encouraging interactions between countries. We welcome these exceptional scientists to EMBO and look forward to their input."

Susan Lea joins a number of other Oxford Martin School academics who are members of EMBO, including Professors Liam Dolan, Jonathan Flint, Colin Goding, Jane Langdale, Gero Miesenböck, Christoph Tang and Scott Waddell.