Pascal Lamy highlights the Oxford Martin Commission at Columbia University

01 May 2014

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Pascal Lamy, Chair of the Oxford Martin Commission for Future Generations, delivered Columbia University's second annual Global Thought Lecture on 29 April 2014, speaking on 'Global Governance and Future Challenges: Lessons from the Oxford Martin Commission'. The event, which was attended by two hundred students and staff, was organised by Columbia University's Committee on Global Thought and Columbia University's World Leaders Forum.

Pascal Lamy highlighted the challenges of globalisation, which he described as "the great transformation of our time". He emphasised the Oxford Martin Commission's recommendation to use 'creative coalitions' of states, businesses, and other stakeholders to tackle global challenges, and stressed the Commission's call for a greater sense of shared global values.

Now for the Long Term, the report of the Oxford Martin Commission for Future Generations, has been downloaded more than 900,000 times.

Watch Pascal Lamy's Global Thought Lecture

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