Systemic risk set to impact the future of innovation and investment

29 July 2014

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The 14th annual conference of “Les Rencontres économiques d’Aix-en-Provence” drew together academics, business and political leaders, and students from 33 countries to discuss the future of innovation and investment.

Professor Ian Goldin, Director of the Oxford Martin School, joined Michel Sapin, France’s Minister of Finance and Luiz Awazu Pereira da Silva, Deputy-Governor of Brazil’s Central Bank, to debate whether globalisation is manageable, addressing key questions about the impact of global growth: What public policies are most likely to control globalisation at national levels? Are macro-prudential policies an efficient tool against the destabilising effects of capital flows? To what extent have G20 endeavours to reduce fiscal evasion been successful?

Professor Goldin drew on the themes of his book The Butterfly Defect to highlight the widening gap between the systemic risks that are endemic to globalisation and their effective management.