Assessing the dangers inherent in systemic risk modelling

21 November 2014

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A new research project has been launched between insurance agent Amlin and the Future of Humanity Institute at the Oxford Martin School to help better understand the potential systemic risks of quantitative modelling. The project forms part of a longer standing collaboration between the two organisations.

The initiative, on the ‘Systemic Risk of Modelling’ seeks to explore how the method of modelling used by insurers can itself be a source of systemic risk.

The project was launched with a recent briefing in London. Topics included an introductory speech from Simon Beale, Chief Underwriting Officer at Amlin Plc, who spoke on ‘Investing in a Better Understanding of Risk’, a presentation given by Professor Ian Goldin, Director of the Oxford Martin School entitled ‘Systemic risk in the Twenty First Century’, and a panel debate on ‘Modelling – The ultimate solution or part of the problem?’ featuring Dr Anders Sandberg, James Martin Fellow, Future of Humanities Institute, JB Crozet, Head of Underwriting Modelling, Amlin PLC, and Andrew Coburn, Vice President, Catastrophe Research, Risk Management Solutions, and chaired by James Ashton, Executive Editor of The Independent & Evening Standard.

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