Nick Bostrom named in Foreign Policy's Global Thinkers list

02 December 2015

Bostrom Nick03L
© David Fisher

Professor Nick Bostrom, Director of the Future of Humanity Institute, Oxford Martin School, has been named one of Foreign Policy magazine's Global Thinkers 2015.

Each year the magazine selects the leading Global Thinkers "whose contributions have changed lives and are shaping the world", and includes Professor Bostrom in its 'Advocates' category for his work in bringing the threats posed by advanced artificial intelligence - and humans' inability to deal with them - onto the world stage. It said his participation in a UN panel earlier this year "indicated a historic shift in how world governments consider security threats".

Editor and CEO David Rothkopf said: "This year's Global Thinkers hold the key to what is driving change today. They have demonstrated extraordinary innovation, passion, creativity, and thirst, and have translated their ideas into action, impacting millions worldwide."