Oxford Martin School Directors knighted in the Queen's Birthday Honours list

19 June 2017


Two Oxford Martin School academics have been awarded knighthoods in the 2017 Queen's Birthday Honours list.

Professor Charles Godfray, Director of the Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food, Fellow of the Royal Society, Hope Professor of Zoology, and Fellow of Jesus College, has been knighted for services to scientific research and for scientific advice to government. Professor Godfray is a population biologist, working on ecology, evolution and epidemiology. He has a particular interest in the interplay of science and policy, especially in the areas of the environment and food security.

He also heads, alongside Professor Angela McLean, the Oxford Martin School's Restatements project, which aims to provide succinct summaries of the scientific evidence around highly contentious topics such as bovine tuberculosis, neonicotinoid insecticides, ecosystem manipulation to control flooding, and low dose effects of ionising radiation.

Professor Simon Lovestone, Co-Director of the Oxford Martin Programme on Deep Medicine, and Professor of Translational Neuroscience, has been knighted for services to neuroscience research. Professor Lovestone is a practicing Old-Age Psychiatrist, working on dementia detection, diagnosis and management. His research interests focus on the search for biomarkers of Alzheimer’s disease, drug discovery and experimental medicine. These areas are underpinned by the use of informatics - clinical informatics, bioinformatics and the use of very large variable datasets - a primary focus of Professor Lovestone's work on the Oxford Martin Programme on Deep Medicine.

Also included in the Honours list is Lord Nicholas Stern of Brentford, who serves on the Oxford Martin School Advisory Council, and who has been awarded the prestigious Order of the Companions of Honour, for services to Economics, International Relations and Tackling Climate Change.