New 21School Briefing: Academic Commitment to Copenhagen

29 October 2009

The 21st Century School has produced a general briefing document in the first of an ongoing series of online and printed products aimed at a broad audience to help build a better understanding of the impact of our research.

This first briefing document is focused on the role of the academic in providing clear guidance and potential solutions to some of the challenges raised by global climate change. It outlines some of the new technologies, policy insights and research collaborations that 21School researchers are currently working on, and that will help make more effective decision-making in a new climate change strategy.

In December 2009, governments from around the world will convene in Copenhagen to try and agree a new deal on climate change. This is a pivotal chance to negotiate a set of targets stringent enough to ensure that global temperatures do not pass the internationally accepted danger threshold of 2ºC. If this is to be achieved, it is vital that the targets set at Copenhagen are founded on hard data and scientific evidence.

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