21School Briefing: A Novel Approach to Antibiotic Resistance

17 November 2009


In recent decades, almost every variant of bacteria has become stronger and less vulnerable to antibiotic treatment, threatening new strains of infectious disease or super-strains that are both more expensive to treat and more difficult to cure. The latest in our new series of 21School Briefings highlights a novel approach to this pressing problem.

Recent evidence suggests that an antibiotic formulation in the form of nanoparticles could be a highly effective bactericidal material. In response, Co-Director of the Institute of Nanoscience for Medicine, Dr Sonia Contera, and James Martin Fellow, Dr Sonia Trigueros, are currently developing nanoparticle based treatments, to which bacteria will be incapable of developing resistance.

The 21st Century School's general briefings are a collection of online and printed products focused on increasing the impact of our research and improving public understanding of global issues. Previous briefings can be found here.

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