21School Briefing: Reducing CO2 Emissions in Transport

20 January 2010


In spite of recent improvements in the technical efficiency and fuel economy of new cars, total CO2 emissions from private vehicles within the UK are not decreasing as quickly as policy makers had hoped. The latest in our new series of 21School Briefings highlights the vital role that consumer choice has to play in helping the UK to meet its greenhouse gas emissions targets.

A lack of consumer interest in smaller, more environmentally friendly cars is one of the key factors contributing to the UK’s poor performance in this area. Researchers at the Institute for Carbon and Energy Reduction in Transport believe that if the UK is to achieve its target of 80% reductions in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, policy makers need to target consumers directly, in order to encourage them to make more rational decisions when purchasing a car.

The 21st Century School's general briefings are a collection of online and printed products focused on increasing the impact of our research and improving public understanding of global issues. Previous briefings can be found here.

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