Taking the 'long view'

28 July 2009

The 21st Century School has embarked on a promising new collaboration with the UK's top business lobby organisation (the CBI) to produce a series of articles for a new feature called "The Long View".

This is an exciting opportunity to highlight the School's work to the elite of the British business community. The Long View is a monthly feature in Business Voice – the CBI's business-to-business magazine, distributed to senior executives and managers in leading companies around the world, as well as to key policy makers.

Articles are based around various 21st century challenges, such as systemic risk, human enhancement, carbon reduction and pandemic diseases. They will highlight some of the long-term challenges facing society in the coming decades, as well as suggestions for possible solutions.

In the most recent issue, Professor Stephen Castles, Director of the International Migration Institute, argues that development leads to higher levels of migration and calls on policy makers to face up to the challenges presented by this. Last month Dr Ian Goldin spoke about the need for new methods of tackling systemic risk. Calling the financial crisis the "first systemic shock of the 21st century", he argued that the world would become ever more vulnerable to such shocks.

Future articles will feature interviews with the Directors of several 21st century School Institutes, including Professor Sarah Harper, Director of the Oxford Institute of Ageing.

You can read more about these articles on the Business Voice website.

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