Nanomedicine - Cuban investment in cutting-edge science continues

05 August 2010

Following on from a visit last year, James Martin Fellow Dr Sonia Trigueros continues her collaboration with Cuban scientists to advance nanotechnology in medicine. Dr Trigueros’s invitation by CNIC, Cuba's national centre for scientific study is a sign not only of Cuba’s continuing investment in science but also of Dr Trigueros’s success in reaching out to new scientific communities.

Dr Trigueros has spent several weeks in Cuba giving lectures, seminars and workshops in all aspects of nano-science, aimed at scientists of many disciplines including chemistry, medicine, physics and biology.

She comments, “My goal is to share with Cuban scientists the advances we have been making in using nanotechnology for medical challenges, such as antibiotic resistance, and nanobio-sensing techniques for fast diagnosis and therapy. Together, we are examining how to progress in this area to meet future needs.”

The fact that Cuba’s government is investing in science and supporting these multidisciplinary academic collaborations should send clear messages to other governments around the world that investment in science is vital if we are to tackle the global problems ahead. Current economic policies must not be allowed to hinder long-term scientific developments – the very developments that may well lead to solutions for climate change, health challenges and other global challenges of the 21st century.

Dr Trigueros returns to Cuba later this year to continue with her work and lectures at Havana University.

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