Creative solutions to global challenges

11 September 2009


Over the summer, 21st Century School Director, Dr Ian Goldin travelled to several international gatherings in Asia, presenting the School's groundbreaking work in the areas of social change, the frontiers of medicine, energy and the environment to business and government leaders from around the world.

This month, Dr Goldin was joined by several researchers from the 21st Century School to give presentations at the World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting in Dalian, China. Following on from the immensely successful IdeasLab session held at Davos earlier this year, the School was invited to hold a further session at the WEF's Annual Meeting of the New Champions. The latest IdeasLab session included presentations from:

This year's Meeting of the New Champions is focused on the key role of scientific innovation and creativity in the process of reviving economic growth. Presentations highlighted innovative ideas from a variety of Institutes, offering a creative look at new concepts and policies that could aid economic recovery and help governments to prepare for future systemic shocks.

You can watch presentations by Dr Ian Goldin, Professor Gideon Henderson, Professor Sarah Harper and Professor John Ryan on the 21st Century School's YouTube channel.

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