Dapo Akande Appointed as a Consultant by the African Union

04 June 2009

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Dapo Akande, Co-Director of the Oxford Institute for Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict, (currently on sabbatical at Yale), has been appointed as a Consultant by the African Union (AU). In June 2009, the AU is holding a Ministerial meeting, partly as a result of a request by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for an arrest warrant for the President of Sudan and partly because all of the situations currently under investigation by the Court and all of the current prosecutions have arisen from the African continent.

Dapo will assist the AU's Commission in preparing a review of the work of the International Criminal Court, including recommendations on the work of the ICC in relation to Africa. His most recent article on the ICC "The Legal Nature of Security Council Referrals to the ICC and its Impact on Al Bashir's Immunities" is scheduled for publication in the Journal of International Criminal Justice.

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