Davos: Managing the Global Commons

28 January 2010

UPDATE: Videos now available online.

As the world becomes ever more complex and interdependent, the challenges of managing global commons, such as the environment, or the global financial system, are more urgent than ever before. As the World Economic Forum's 40th Annual Meeting gets underway in Davos, a delegation of Oxford academics, including 21st Century School Director Dr Ian Goldin and Oxford University Vice-Chancellor Professor Andrew Hamilton, will be participating in an IdeasLab session to explore these vital issues.

The Oxford University IdeasLab on “Managing the Global Commons” will consist of a series of five minute presentations, offering a broad overview of new concepts and policies in the areas of systemic risk, the environment, global governance, failed states, and infectious disease. The IdeasLab format provides a unique opportunity for an audience of international government, business leaders, and experts from a wide range of fields to gain insights into global challenges of the future and to discuss powerful new ideas and concepts in a variety of fields.

The Oxford IdeasLab participants are:

Videos of these presentations are now available. You can also view presentations from previous IdeasLab sessions held by the 21st Century School at World Economic Forum meetings in Davos (2009) and in Dalian, China (2009).

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