Earth Journalism Awards recognise outstanding reporting on climate change

11 June 2009


Dr Max Boykoff, a former James Martin Fellow and current researcher at the Environmental Change Institute (ECI), has recently helped to partner the ECI with the Earth Journalism Network (EJN), an organisation which aims to empower and enable journalists from developing countries to cover the environment more effectively.

The EJN encourages networks of environmental journalists in countries where they don’t exist, and help to build capacity where they do, through training workshops, support for production and distribution, and dispersing small grants. Since 2004 the organisation has trained over 750 developing country journalists, many of whom have produced award-winning investigative reports as a direct result of these activities.

Central to these initiatives are the recently announced Earth Journalism Awards, established to encourage and celebrate the best media coverage of climate change and the Copenhagen agenda. The competition is open to professional and citizen journalists around the world and the winners will be flown to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen this December, where 200 countries will be concluding negotiations on the future of the Kyoto Protocol to combat climate change.

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