New integrative research to be developed on future technologies

26 August 2010

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The James Martin School is delighted to announce the approval of a new research programme to look at the potential social impacts of future transformative technologies. The Programme on Future Technologies will initially focus research on issues related to the long term future of computing, rapid technological change and existential risks. The Programme will be designed to draw upon expertise across the James Martin School, drawing particularly on the Future of Humanity Institute, the School’s new Institute on the Future of Computing and the Programme on Ethics of the New Biosciences.

Professor Nick Bostrom will be Director of the new group, alongside Professor Bill Roscoe, the Co-Director of the School’s Institute for the Future of Computing. Professor David Deutsch (Department of Atomic and Laser Physics, Centre for Quantum Computation) will serve as a senior advisor to the Programme.

It is anticipated that the new programme’s research activity will begin in the coming academic year.