New Collaboration: Provocative ideas with Intelligence Squared

04 December 2009

Following the successful panel discussion earlier this term, on the topic of "The World in 2050", the 21st Century School is launching an exciting new partnership with the internationally renowned debating society Intelligence Squared (IQ2). Building on the success of our high profile events, this partnership will include several joint initiatives such as a recently launched 21st Century School web channel, hosted by IQ2.

The channel is part of Intelligence Squared's new interactive website, which aims to bring together 'some of best intellectual content on the internet'. The 21st Century School channel highlights some of our recent Distinguished Public Lectures, including Lord Nicholas Stern on climate change, Lord Martin Rees reflecting on the century ahead and Prof Joseph Stiglitz on the credit crunch. The site also features videos from several 21st Century School Institutes, drawing attention to some of the fascinating research projects currently taking place within the School and exposing a wider audience to provocative ideas and questions about our future.

As part of this collaboration, there are plans for the next joint IQ2-21School debate (currently scheduled for June 2010) to be streamed live via the web, allowing anybody to watch, vote and put questions to the panellists. More information will be available from the 21School site closer to the time.

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