Leverhulme grant to study diasporas

07 September 2010

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The International Migration Institute (a member of the Oxford Martin School) has been awarded £1.74 million by the Leverhulme Trust to conduct research into ‘The Impact of Diasporas’. The study, led by Institute Director Professor Robin Cohen, will integrate researchers from numerous disciplines across Oxford University.

Diasporas (migrant communities with strong links to their homelands and to members of the same diaspora in other countries) are among the most prominent and controversial manifestations of increased globalization. The research team will investigate the social, economic, political and cultural impacts of the fundamental dynamics of diasporas. The core research questions are how do diasporas connect with homeland, when do they occasion conflict and how do they converge with other identities? Researchers will take an interdisciplinary approach to these broad questions, examining why, how, where and when particular impacts arise from varying trajectories, and who initiates and experiences these impacts.

The Leverhulme Trust provides funds to research teams for up to five years to enable them to explore significant issues in the sciences, social sciences and humanities. The scale of the grant is set at a level where it is possible for a research team to study a significant theme in depth by conducting a group of interlinked research projects, which, taken together, can lead to new understanding.

Commenting on the significance of the award, Professor Robin Cohen said:

“Leverhulme’s generous grant builds on the initial investment made by the James Martin School to establish the International Migration Institute. It will allow us to integrate our research with other leading migration specialists across Oxford and internationally, and bring important fresh insights to the field”.

Founded by the James Martin School in 2006, the International Migration Institute has trebled in size over the last 18 months and attracts funding and researchers from all over the world.

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