Profitable solutions in renewable energy

25 November 2010


Amory B Lovins, environmentalist, inventor and, in 2009, named by Time magazine as one of the world's 100 most influential people, visited Oxford this week to show how we can ensure a prosperous, secure, and climate-stable future. Lovins’s presentation, in the beautiful new TS Eliot Theatre at Merton College, was attended by nearly 100 students, academics and members of the public eager to hear his arguments for making a shift from fossil fuels to efficient energy use and benign supply. Lovins presented an economical, technological and political case for moving to renewable energy, and showed how both businesses and individuals could benefit from making the transition.

Amory Lovins is the co-founder and Chief Scientist of the Rocky Mountain Institute, an independent, entrepreneurial non-profit think-and-do tank™ that drives the efficient and restorative use of resources. Read more about his presentation on our blog. A video of the event will be on our website shortly.