New programmes to focus on challenges of Net Zero, AI and critical metals

04 September 2023

New Programmes2023
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The Oxford Martin School has launched three new research programmes focussed on solving a diverse set of critical challenges: sourcing the critical metals needed for the energy transition, achieving global Net Zero, and managing the risks of Artificial Intelligence.

Director of the Oxford Martin School, Professor Sir Charles Godfray said, “Each of these new programmes is focussed on an issue of critical current importance. Dramatic recent advances in AI are challenging our existing governance mechanisms, demand for critical metals is soaring as we green the economy, and the need to put in place the regulatory and legal apparatus to decarbonise rapidly becomes more urgent every day. These three new programmes will provide fresh insights and solutions at this pivotal moment.”

The Oxford Martin Programme on Rethinking Natural Resources will investigate the potential to recover the critical metals dissolved in volcanic plumes, at the same time as using the plumes to generate geothermal power.

The Oxford Martin Programme on Net Zero Regulation and Policy will support the rapid strengthening of the global, national, and local rules that determine how we collectively achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement

The Oxford Martin AI Governance Initiative will anticipate the risks of AI and support decision-makers to develop national and international regulation that mitigates its challenges while realising the benefits.

The new programmes will add a diverse set of new subjects and international expertise to the existing portfolio of research at the School.