Expert to share insights on climate change and marine ecosystems

01 September 2010

Ener Env-Oceans
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The James Martin School is to host a seminar by one of the world’s leading experts on coral reefs and climate change.

In a talk entitled, “Climate change and marine ecosystems: have dangerous changes already begun?”, Professor Hoegh-Guldberg, Director of the Global Change Institute at the University of Queensland, will explore the extent and impacts of changes to the physical and chemical conditions in the world’s oceans.

The world’s oceans are central to the conditions experienced on our planet, regulating its atmosphere, climate and biology. Recent evidence, however, suggests that our oceans are changing in ways that are rapidly moving outside those experienced for millions of years. Major changes to ocean temperature, acidity, sea ice extent, sea level, and storm intensity are impacting the biological components the ocean, including an array of important microbial systems. In this special seminar, Professor Hoegh-Guldberg, who is a world-renowned expert on the impacts of ocean warming and acidification on coral reefs, will highlight the dangers ahead for the world’s marine ecosystems.

This promises to be a thought-provoking lecture designed to stimulate debate and better understand of one of the most important issues of our generation.

The event will take place at the James Martin 21st Century School (corner of Catte and Holywell Streets) at 3pm on 6 September. Registration is not required to attend this seminar, but prompt arrival is advised.

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