Professor Myles Allen elected to Royal Society

12 May 2023

Allen Myles 2015
Professor Myles Allen has been named among eight members of the University of Oxford who have joined the Royal Society as Fellows.

A Director on several Oxford Martin Programmes, past and present, Professor Myles Allen is Professor of Geosystem Science and Director of Oxford Net Zero. He is a climate scientist who has made ground-breaking contributions to quantitative understanding of climate change with substantial impacts on climate policy.

He pioneered combining physically-based models with statistical analysis to quantify, with uncertainties, the magnitude of anthropogenic influence on observed climate change and using observations to constrain climate forecasts. He combined fundamental physics and large ensemble modelling to constrain the response in both mean and extreme precipitation to rising temperatures and increasing greenhouse gases. Furthermore, he demonstrated the cumulative impact of carbon dioxide emissions on global climate, which leads to the concept of a limited carbon budget associated with any given level of carbon dioxide-induced warming. This links directly to net zero emission targets replacing concentration stabilisation targets as the focus of climate change mitigation policy.

The Oxford Martin School congratulates Professor Allen on his appointment.