The Agile Initiative invites ideas for new Sprint research projects.

05 June 2023

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Ideas and EoIs for new Sprints invited from University of Oxford researchers

The Agile Initiative at the Oxford Martin School, which launched in 2022, aims to revolutionise how world-class, high-impact research on environmental challenges supports policy making. Fast-paced solution-focused ‘Sprints’ deliver the information decision makers need, when they need it. Agile is now inviting Oxford University researchers to come forward with ideas for new Sprint research projects. Sprint PIs could be lecturer (or equivalent) level or above, or be Post-Doctoral Research Assistants or Research Fellows at the University of Oxford.

EoIs are invited for ‘mini’ Sprints. Deadline: 9th July 2023 - ‘Mini’ Sprints will have a very focused question, a clear goal, a small team, and will be achievable within a budget of up to £150,000. Agile aims to fund four to start between September and November this year.

Ideas are invited for a process of Sprint co-creation. Deadline: 16th July 2023 - Sprints must be focused on delivering a solution to an environmental science policy question that responds to stakeholder needs. Researchers, decision-makers and stakeholders will come together to refine research questions and co-construct viable Sprints through co-creation activities. Full proposals will be formally reviewed and, if approved, Sprints will be able to start from February 2024.

To find out more download the funding call document and join the Agile team for an in-person or online briefing on 13th or 14th June 2023.