Veganuary: LEAP researchers give their verdict

03 January 2020

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Researchers from the LEAP (Livestock, Environment and People) project, based at the Oxford Martin School, have lent their expertise to an experiment by journalists at the New Scientist, who wanted to see first-hand whether a short period without eating animal products could benefit personal health and that of the planet.

Nineteen staff at the magazine, most of whom were meat eaters, kept strict food diaries for a fortnight, eating their usual diet for the first week and sticking to veganism for the second. The team from LEAP, which is funded by the Wellcome Trust, then analysed the diaries to see the effects on the environment and nutrition.

Researcher Keren Papier said that while a short-term foray into veganism would not yield the same benefits as a permanent lifestyle change, "most of the changes were really positive, and similar to the dietary changes that we’re seeing in long-term vegans,”

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