Augusto Cesar Marques Santiago

Augusto Cesar Marques Santiago is a Brazilian Medical Student at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Faculty of Medicine, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and an undergraduate researcher at Deolindo Couto Institute of Neurology (INDC/UFRJ), under the supervision of professor Maria Emilia Cosenza Andraus.

He is also an academic tutor of Internal Medicine and an Intern at the Emergency Room of Souza Aguiar Municipal Hospital, a public hospital in Rio de Janeiro city. He has clinical and research interests in Neurology, Clinical Neurophysiology and Epilepsy. He participated as a collaborator in an Electroencephalogram Extension Course at UFRJ, taught by Professor Maria Emilia and aimed at a target audience of doctors from the Democratic Republic of Congo, in which Augusto trained EEG interpretation and published work as a co-author in the Revista Brasileira de Neurologia, with the title "Lambda waves: a remarkable electroencephalographic record of a normal physiological phenomenon".