Dr Janey Messina

Associate Professor in Quantitative Social Science Methods

Janey joined the School of Geography and the Environment in December 2016, with a joint appointment in the School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies.

She has a BA (Geography, 2005) from the University of California, Los Angeles, an MS (Geography, 2008) from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and a PhD (Geography, 2011) from the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill. Her doctoral research focused on the geography and epidemiology of HIV, malaria, and anaemia in the Democratic Republic of Congo. At UNC, Janey was also a trainee at the Carolina Population Center, where she received formal training in demographic and epidemiological methods.

Janey has been at the University of Oxford since 2012, where she previously worked as a senior postdoctoral researcher with the Spatial Epidemiology and Ecology Group in the Department of Biology. She coordinated the group's contribution to the International Research Consortium on Dengue Risk Assessment, Management and Surveillance, focusing her research on global patterns and drivers of dengue virus transmission, as well as potential changes in the landscape and epidemiology of the disease resulting from factors such as urbanisation, climate change and economic shifts. In addition to this primary research, Janey led or contributed to research projects relating to the geography of several other diseases, including Zika virus, Leishmaniasis, Plasmodium vivax malaria, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, and Hepatitis C virus.