Florian Thomas Payen

Agri-Environmental System Modelling Consultant

Florian is a consultant specialising in soil organic carbon data and modelling. He is currently contributing to the development of the HESTIA platform and the Farm Sustainability Toolkit project.

Florian holds a PhD in interdisciplinary sustainability and environmental studies from the University of Edinburgh. His PhD investigated the biophysical and socio-economic barriers to the implementation of soil carbon sequestration practices on agricultural land, with a case study focusing on vineyards. He also has an MSc in Environmental Protection & Management from the University of Edinburgh and an MA in Environmental Policy from Sciences Po Paris.

Florian has previously worked as a post-doctoral researcher at Lancaster University (Rurban Revolution, CropBooster) and Scotland’s Rural College (WET HORIZONS). He has a particular interest in understanding the factors that enable more sustainable behaviours towards the environment.