Dr John Rhys

Senior Research Fellow

Dr John Rhys was Chief Economist at the Electricity Council, which, prior to 1990, coordinated and regulated the state owned power sector in England and Wales. In 1987 he joined NERA Economic Consulting, later becoming Managing Director. He played a large part in the design of the market and regulatory arrangements that operated successfully in the period immediately after privatisation. He also led NERA’s international work with the World Bank and other development agencies on numerous energy sector market reform programmes, gas and electricity tariff studies, and energy policy issues.

He is now a Senior Research Fellow attached to the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies (OIES) and a Senior Visiting Research Associate at the Environmental Change Institute of the University of Oxford. He also chairs the British Institute for Energy Economics (BIEE) seminar programme on energy policy and climate policy issues.

His main current interests are in climate matters and in the issues of a low carbon power sector. In relation to the Integrate project he is the investigator with primary responsibility for the system economics dimension of the work.