Maria Mumbo

Clinical officer

I am based at the based at the neuro epilepsy clinic at the KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research.

My main duties involve offering comprehensive clinical care to all patients attending the clinic. I am also tasked in evaluation of epileptic comorbidities through administration of the Integrated Epilepsy clinic study which has several questionnaires such as PHQ9,psq,cbcl,snap ADHD,Di Asd brief ,neurological exam among others. In addition, I also perform and record EEGs for both diagnostic and routine purposes to eligible patients attending the neuro/epilepsy clinic in addition to performing/recording the pilot AGENDA headset to epilepsy patients at the clinic and lastly I am currently collecting data on Healthcare utilization and out of pocket costs for epilepsy patients accessing care in kilifi county, Kenya for my bachelors thesis.

I hold a diploma in clinical medicine and surgery and I am currently in my final year of a bachelor’s degree in health systems management. My interests are in promoting easy accessibility and affordability of epilepsy healthcare to epilepsy patients for better epilepsy prognosis in economically poor setups