Mayela Zamora

Senior Biomedical Engineer

Mayela Zamora received a B.Sc. degree in Electronic Engineering from Simón Bolívar University, Venezuela, a M.Sc. in Electric Engineering from Universidad Central de Venezuela, and a D.Phil. from the Department of Engineering Science at Oxford University. Mayela's D.Phil. thesis was on the analysis of the electroencephalogram during sleep and vigilance, using machine learning.

She has worked on hardware and software design for many applications, including SCADA systems, industrial mass flow meters, and most recently, in implantable medical devices. Mayela has taught undergraduates at Universidad Central de Venezuela and at Oxford University. She has authored patents from her work on industrial sensors, and has many publications in industrial control and in biomedical engineering.

Mayela joined Professor Tim Denison’s Group in 2019, to work on interfaces to the central nervous system for research and treatment of several pathologies. He role in the AGENDA project is to co-supervise the development, verification and validation of the EEG headset and its software application for epilepsy screening in LMIC.